About Mayday365

Hello all! Around the end of April 2015, I started this blog due to my interest in history’s disasters. I have blogs of varying types but this one, Mayday365, focuses on aviation disasters in history. Each day there will be a new post, focusing on an accident usually involving commercial airlines, coinciding with the date of the blog post.

I gather my information through various websites, newspaper archives, online articles, books, final reports and aviation database informations, and more. Absolutely everything is sourced at the bottom of the post under the header “Further Reading”. I do not claim ownership for a single word on this blog, though I do reword things to make more sense and be less technical. Though be aware, this blog has a lot of technical information as that is my main personal interest.

Yes, this blog will contain sensitive information. When available, I will post all information known about the victims. Tragedies like these are preventable and to present the situation as humanely as possible is the only way to keep history from repeating itself. This may be hard for some to handle, so please read any page with your own caution, even those not including this information. Plane crashes are a delicate topic and are usually catastrophic. High loss of life and badly injured and traumatized survivors are common. I do not wish them any disrespect when discussing the disaster that afflicted them, and when available I will post the situation from their own words (i.e. interviews). This is an educational and historical site with only that intention; to keep history from repeating itself.

YES, flying is safe! I personally love flying. Admittedly, all of my research has made it hard for me to sleep peacefully on a plane, but I don’t know that I could before I started this blog anyway. If you do have any fears of flying or need reassurance, don’t hesitate to contact me through comments on the blog, tumblr ask box, ask.fm, or facebook. This blog is in no way meant to scare anyone. Accidents happen daily involving a million different things and while this topic is dark, it is also important to know. Also remember, though it is rare, people HAVE survived free falls, full force crashes, fires, and everything inbetween related to plane crashes. It’s not impossible and this is definitely not something you should fear when flying because again, the absolute worst airlines and aircrafts still statistically only have a 1 in 1.5 million chance of being involved in an accident, including simple issues that result in no injuries to passengers. Your actual chances on regular airlines these days are upwards of 1 in 9+ million chance, with plenty of statistics and variables in between of course. There is even an app for aviophobia, called “Am I Going Down” created by the London-based company Vanilla Pixel. The app uses real flight statistics to analyze flight safety. Developer Nic Johns says it’s geared toward those who are uneasy about air travel.

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